I heartily welcome the students seeking admission in the B.Tech course in our college.
We at Ideal Institute of Engineering, Kalyani, are committed to open avenues of learning for you, with thrust on innovation. In this world of competency our ability to survive depends on innovation. Simultaneously you have also to remember that knowledge is one of the most powerful tools to succeed, so you must invest your time and efforts judiciously on your interest and aptitude. We, with our committed faculty and staff members, assure you our full extended support to make you good engineers and responsible citizens.
The realization of your potential will definitely empower you to face the challenges of the future. We believe education will play a significant role in accomplishing future productivity, economic goals and higher standards of living. In this age of global competitiveness, employment opportunities will demand increasing skills. Thus higher and professional education will receive high priority throughout the world.
You must also remain deeply rooted to your value system. This will help you to succeed in life not only academically but also as a good human being with a sense of purpose. As we all know Engineering can’t be separated from society, culture and human behavior, it is our major responsibility to set the standards of highest professional levels with a deep concern for social development.
You are problem solvers, innovators and organizers, so think about the challenges and devise a technological solution to shape a sustainable future for us. Throughout this challenging journey, we look forward to the unconditional support of alumni, students, parents, trustees and well-wishers.
I wish you all the best for a successful career and life.