This lab is intended to give the students a practical experience in working with semiconductor devices such as junction diodes, bipolar junction transistors (BJTs), MOS field effect transistors (MOSFETs) and op-amps, and examines the design and operation of important circuits that utilize these devices. This laboratory integrates the theory taught in the basic course and helps the students to apply their knowledge of electronic circuits. An additional objective is to provide some practice and experience with relevant software tools for electronic circuit simulation.


In this laboratory, students have to perform the experiments of Analog Electronics Engineering for the first time. Training in this laboratory is done mainly through excellent hardware set up as per the WBUT syllabus. The purpose is to teach analog circuit design theory and to give the student an understanding of the factors governing the behavior of electronic circuits. Topics covered also demonstrate the need for strong electronic component in other scientific and engineering fields.

List of Major Experiments:

  1. Study of Diode as clipper & clamper
  2. Study of Zener diode as a voltage regulator
  3. Study of ripple and regulation characteristics of full wave rectifier without and with capacitor filter
  4. Study of characteristics curves of B.J.T & F.E.T .
  5. Design a two-stage R-C coupled amplifier & study of it’s gain & Bandwidth.
  6. Study of class A & class B power amplifiers.
  7. Study of class C & Push-Pull amplifiers.
  8. Realization of current mirror & level shifter circuit using Operational Amplifiers.
  9. Study of timer circuit using NE555 & configuration for monostable & astable multivibrator.
  10. Design a Bistable multivibrator using NE 555.
  11. Study of Switched Mode Power Supply & construction of a linear voltage regulator using regulator IC chip.
  12. Design a simple function generator using IC.
  13. Realization of a V-to-I & I-to-V converter using Op-Amps.
  14. Realization of a Phase Locked Loop using Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO).


Major Equipments:

  1. Cathode Ray Oscilloscope-30 MHz (APLAB)
  2. Digital Storage Oscilloscope (TEKTRONIX TPS2024)
  3. Function Generator (SCIENTIFIC)
  4. Analog and Digital Experiment Platform (SCIENTECH ST 2613)
  7. Various Power supplies (DC and AC)
  8. SMPS Trainer NV7002 (NVIS TECH)
  9. Tuned Amplifier AB23(SCIENTECH)
  10. Push Pull Amplifier (SCIENTECH)
  11. CLASS B Amplifier (SCIENTECH)
  12. CLASS A Amplifier (AB21) (SCIENTECH)
  13. ANA DIGI Power Supply (SCIENTECH)