Computer Science & Engineering

The Department of Computer Science Engineering has been designed to prepare students for the flourishing successful career in the Software Industry & IT Sector by teaching in-depth about software & Hardware engineering that combines both the theory & practical of Computer Science Engineering.

In the age of IT Revolution the course & its students are very much sought after by different industries. The Computer Science Engineering Department is also having experienced, qualified & dedicated faculty with a strong motivation to prepare to concerned students for the technology demands of tomorrow. Internet facility of the entire college establishment is managed by the Computer Science Engineering Department & it provides internet access beyond college hours & also intends to extend the facility to the hostels to promote the quest for knowledge.

The Department is having a well equipped Centralized Server Room. It has very good Basic Computing Lab, Numerical Analysis Lab, Design & Analysis of Algorithm Lab, Programming Practice using C + + Lab, Object Oriented Programming Lab, Software Tools Lab, Computer Architecture Lab, Data Structure & Algorithm Lab, Computer Organization Lab etc. Students intending to pursue higher education have the option of pursuing M.Tech. or appearing exams like GRE to seek opportunities abroad. The student may also opt for Management education. The Department has also proposed to start M.Tech. program.

Our Laboratory