Basic Science & Humanities

The Department of Basic Science & Humanities is the backbone of the entire IIE. In fact, it is the most vital part of the B.Tech curriculum. Basic Science and Humanities supports efficiently the engineering department by providing quality training. The main subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and of course, English. IIE always puts effort to strengthen this department so that the foundation of every student can be strong. This department takes every care to make the engineers ready for solving real life problems of the country.

Engineering as a stream of study demands all the basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry, mathematics and ignoring these streams can never make a perfect engineer. The laboratory facilities are being established to provide adequate opportunities for students to learn practical aspects of Basic Science and Humanities. On the other hand, our department also hosts seminars and organizer workshops on a regular basis, so as to increase the practical knowledge of the students.

If something is to be said about the Humanities department, it is really playing a pivotal role in development of communication skills of the students, which is of prime importance to the industry. To improve the quality of the students, the authority of this institution has set up a very well equipped Language & Personality development Laboratory, so that everyone can get better employment. With the use of LCD, OHP and the latest software packages, the young brains are trained how to communicate and use the appropriate soft-skill in general as well as organizational life. Special spoken English classes are conducted for weak students to improve their communication skills. In a word, IIE puts every effort to update the Department of Basic Science & Humanities by using a rare blend of very dynamic and qualified faculties.


  • Well stuffed Laboratory
  • Scope for field activity
  • Placement guaranteed


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