From Chairman’s Desk

chairmanTechnology is an inborn characteristic of human being. The men of Stone Age have touched today the zenith of modern science and Technology of 21st century. Moreover, the phenomenon of globalization has brought many significance changes in the world. Now it is impossible to insulate a system and controlled it easily. Present world is switching industrial economy to knowledge economy, where emphasis is given on creative interactive and self learning process. Presently our society is also being termed as “Knowledge Society”.
Every branch of knowledge is now shaped in such a way that can be applied to improve the living condition of the human being. In this expanding horizon of knowledge, Science and Technology play the most vital role. Due to these turbulent changes of globalization the competition has become hard and harsh. To perform any job one requires knowledge that should be technically up-to-date and should be internalized so that it can be applied and it should be such that it would enable a person to appreciate and not a bank of information. In this crucial situation, only the fittest and most competent are likely to survive and prosper.
The virtual shape of “IDEAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING” has been emerged into the reality through the relentless effort, planning, dedication, wisdom and foresight of the pioneer members of “IDEAL SCIENCE AND RESEARCH WELFARE HUB” coupled with advices of the Governing Body members.
We hope “IDEAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING” will be a center of excellence, and ideal ambiance of teaching and learning with zero pollution atmospheres. At “IDEAL INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING” we provide a strong, latest and enduring infrastructural facility, like well stocked and spacious library, state-of-art laboratories, well decorated computer lab with e-facilities and spacious classrooms etc. in order to promote the teaching as well as the learning process. Moreover young, dynamic, experienced and responsible faculty team will be appointed. It is a unique environment of learning where students and faculty can interact with each other which help the students to boosts their growth and knowledge.
I believe and trust that the students of this institution will be the competent professionals in future.


Prof (Dr.). Raghupati Goswami

Chairman of Ideal Science & Research Welfare Hub